Why infantilizing characters is super creepy and weird

CW: Mentions of abuse, power imbalances, implied grooming, age difference, unhealthy relationships, BDSM, and kinks. Spoilers for “Lore Olympus”, “Life is Strange”, “Lucifer”, and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. Trying out a new more “article-esque” format for the sake of style and simplicity. In the wild world of fiction, there are certain tropes that seem to pop […]

Queer relationships in fiction need a little work

Spoilers for She-Ra: Princesses of Power and Life is Strange. Content Warning: Discussion of homophobia With the fifth and final season of She-Ra: Princesses of Power in the rear-view mirror and several gay little hearts full to bursting, I think it’s time to ask that age-old question: why the hell is virtually every queer relationship […]

Max Caulfield is adorable and I love her

There’s only one thing I love more than talking about Life is Strange: talking about awesome character design and why it matters. Two for one special! I could—no joke—spend several paragraphs just rambling about how the character designs in Life is Strange, Oxenfree, etc. say so much about the characters themselves and how the artists […]

Dialogue in video game is actually kind of important?

The evolution of language is—if I’m being honest—one of the most interesting and tragically under-discussed phenomenons within the diverse history of humanity. And of course with the good old ‘net, language is evolving at an even faster rate. Complex feelings and opinions can now be summarized with random pictures and you only need two emoticons […]

So Max Caulfield is a very well-written bisexual character

Spoilers for Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm CW: Biphobia Yesterday was Bi Visibility Day, a day in which bisexual people are enthusiastically—or sometimes begrudgingly—acknowledged as actual real members of the LGBT community.  It was also a Pagan holiday, but never mind that.  This isn’t about Pagan holidays because this blog […]

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