David Rose and traditional masculinity in fiction

The word “masculine” has kind of gone through a transition in fiction—and in real life, but that’s another topic altogether—because the definition has never really been completely static. We all—or a lot of us anyway—still love the Indiana Jones movies, even if most of us realize how problematic—and also downright fucking creepy—those movies are by […]

We’re not kids anymore and the way we look at our childhood heroes reflects this

There is a sub-reddit titled “I’m Sorry, Jon”. If you stumble across it—perhaps through r/all or perhaps through some random compilation of Internet oddities—you’ll find a nightmarish collection of fan art and occasionally text posts about the beloved Monday-hating cat Garfield. But this isn’t a fan forum or anything like that. No, this is a […]

Teenagers in fiction and why I enjoyed “Trinkets” in very few paragraphs

This isn’t long because there isn’t much to be said. I recently finished “Trinkets”, a Netflix original series. This might be a review. I don’t know. Life is Strange, Night in the Woods, and Oxenfree are mentioned. I only watched “Trinkets” because someone compared it to Life is Strange. That’s it. That’s the reason. And […]

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