Queer relationships in fiction need a little work

Spoilers for She-Ra: Princesses of Power and Life is Strange. Content Warning: Discussion of homophobia With the fifth and final season of She-Ra: Princesses of Power in the rear-view mirror and several gay little hearts full to bursting, I think it’s time to ask that age-old question: why the hell is virtually every queer relationship […]

Steven Universe and the hero’s journey

Spoilers for Steven Universe Future, Steven Universe, and How to Train Your Dragon. The Hero’s Journey is the most important—and most used—trope in fiction. It’s basically a catch-all term for the trials, tribulations, and challenges faced by the protagonist. It’s usually a very simple story told in three distinct acts over the course of a […]

Killing Eve is gay and everyone should watch it

CW: Mentions of violence and queer-baiting (brief) Note: This is going to focus entirely on the first two seasons of Killing Eve. Also spoilers. So many spoilers. And probably stuff that has already been talked about a dozen times by thousands of bloggers. But here it is, just in case people want to hear it […]

Hulu wins the streaming wars

I know, I know. Commercials??? Fuck this shit. But hear me out: have you seen commercials on actual live boob-tube TV? Trust me, thirty or even two minutes of ads every few minutes is well worth the price of Hulu Basic. It actually helps break up the repetitiveness of the show for binging, but that’s […]

Dialogue in video game is actually kind of important?

The evolution of language is—if I’m being honest—one of the most interesting and tragically under-discussed phenomenons within the diverse history of humanity. And of course with the good old ‘net, language is evolving at an even faster rate. Complex feelings and opinions can now be summarized with random pictures and you only need two emoticons […]

We’re not kids anymore and the way we look at our childhood heroes reflects this

There is a sub-reddit titled “I’m Sorry, Jon”. If you stumble across it—perhaps through r/all or perhaps through some random compilation of Internet oddities—you’ll find a nightmarish collection of fan art and occasionally text posts about the beloved Monday-hating cat Garfield. But this isn’t a fan forum or anything like that. No, this is a […]

Dirk Gently is a manic pixie dream boy

I just finished binging the first two seasons of “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”. Overall, a satisfying experience. But as much as I’d love to unpack the twists and turns of this extraordinary series, I’m not really into in-depth reviews. So instead I’m going to talk about how Dirk Gently is a Manic Pixie Dream […]

So female sexuality in media is a complex topic for some reason. Also kind of a rant about “Fifty Shades of Grey”

CW: NSFW. Mentions of (non-specific) abuse. Misogyny. Ever heard of the Madonna-Whore complex? If you have, congratulations. That’s literally all you need to know about how our steadily-shifting society views women, particularly women as sexual beings. If you’re fortunate enough to have never heard of it, here’s a basic definition: it’s the idea that if […]

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