Rambling about bad horror and good horror

Major spoilers for Doki Doki Literature Club ahead Very few games, movies, etc. manage to squeeze themselves into the I didn’t see that coming genre without breaking a few bones. It’s just the nature of horror. As an audience, we’ve all seen it before. The only truly great twist can be something so out of […]

iCarly teaches us about toxic relationships

Content Warning: Discussions of physical/emotional abuse, unhealthy relationship dynamics, and generally toxic behaviour in a kids’ show. Toxic relationships in fiction are tricky to talk about, because often you run up against the obvious “But it’s not supposed to be a healthy relationship!” argument. There’s nothing inherently bad about portraying an unhealthy relationship in fiction. […]

Infinity Train teaches us how to write a good protagonist

Spoilers for Season Two of Infinity Train and Steven Universe Future. Read at your own risk. Also some Harry Potter ranting/fanficcy idea stuff. Infinity Train just finished up its second season a while ago. And honestly, it was a ride. Adventure Time really raised the bar for animated programming. Pretty much every major animated show […]

Hulu wins the streaming wars

I know, I know. Commercials??? Fuck this shit. But hear me out: have you seen commercials on actual live boob-tube TV? Trust me, thirty or even two minutes of ads every few minutes is well worth the price of Hulu Basic. It actually helps break up the repetitiveness of the show for binging, but that’s […]

Shane and Ryan are the heroes this generation deserves

Ghost-hunting shows have never really been my thing. While some people go nuts for that sort of thing, the clearly staged and mass-produced crap pumped out by greedy unimaginative network executives doesn’t really have an appeal. It’s all the same, right down to the shitty night vision and over-acting. There are probably some good ones […]

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