Rambling about bad horror and good horror

Major spoilers for Doki Doki Literature Club ahead Very few games, movies, etc. manage to squeeze themselves into the I didn’t see that coming genre without breaking a few bones. It’s just the nature of horror. As an audience, we’ve all seen it before. The only truly great twist can be something so out of […]

Infinity Train teaches us how to write a good protagonist

Spoilers for Season Two of Infinity Train and Steven Universe Future. Read at your own risk. Also some Harry Potter ranting/fanficcy idea stuff. Infinity Train just finished up its second season a while ago. And honestly, it was a ride. Adventure Time really raised the bar for animated programming. Pretty much every major animated show […]

The OA was a very good show and everyone needs to watch it

I know I said I wouldn’t do reviews, but this show more than deserves it. Netflix has a very long and very damning track history of axing good shows. You know this. I know this. Everyone knows this. It’s the bane of any subscriber’s existence, because it’s like having the sword of Damocles over our […]

The sad horse show is over and everything is worse now

Warning: Huge massive spoilers for the final episodes of Bojack Horseman. Seriously, it’s all spoilers down there. You have been warned. With the series finale still fresh on all of our minds, let’s take a deeper look at the Internet’s favorite sad horse. I was originally planning to write this before the finale, as kind […]

Killing Eve is gay and everyone should watch it

CW: Mentions of violence and queer-baiting (brief) Note: This is going to focus entirely on the first two seasons of Killing Eve. Also spoilers. So many spoilers. And probably stuff that has already been talked about a dozen times by thousands of bloggers. But here it is, just in case people want to hear it […]

Dialogue in video game is actually kind of important?

The evolution of language is—if I’m being honest—one of the most interesting and tragically under-discussed phenomenons within the diverse history of humanity. And of course with the good old ‘net, language is evolving at an even faster rate. Complex feelings and opinions can now be summarized with random pictures and you only need two emoticons […]

Shane and Ryan are the heroes this generation deserves

Ghost-hunting shows have never really been my thing. While some people go nuts for that sort of thing, the clearly staged and mass-produced crap pumped out by greedy unimaginative network executives doesn’t really have an appeal. It’s all the same, right down to the shitty night vision and over-acting. There are probably some good ones […]

It’s the month of spook so here’s some horror recommendations

The essence of good horror is….blah blah blah.  We’ve all heard it before, right?  No jumpscares, monster has to be scary, shadow people etc.  Everyone had an opinion on horror in October.  And to an extent, that’s why it’s so hard to find a decent horror movie these days:  everyone is clamoring over themselves to […]

Teenagers in fiction and why I enjoyed “Trinkets” in very few paragraphs

This isn’t long because there isn’t much to be said. I recently finished “Trinkets”, a Netflix original series. This might be a review. I don’t know. Life is Strange, Night in the Woods, and Oxenfree are mentioned. I only watched “Trinkets” because someone compared it to Life is Strange. That’s it. That’s the reason. And […]

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