Why infantilizing characters is super creepy and weird

CW: Mentions of abuse, power imbalances, implied grooming, age difference, unhealthy relationships, BDSM, and kinks. Spoilers for “Lore Olympus”, “Life is Strange”, “Lucifer”, and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. Trying out a new more “article-esque” format for the sake of style and simplicity. In the wild world of fiction, there are certain tropes that seem to pop […]

Queer relationships in fiction need a little work

Spoilers for She-Ra: Princesses of Power and Life is Strange. Content Warning: Discussion of homophobia With the fifth and final season of She-Ra: Princesses of Power in the rear-view mirror and several gay little hearts full to bursting, I think it’s time to ask that age-old question: why the hell is virtually every queer relationship […]

Steven Universe and the hero’s journey

Spoilers for Steven Universe Future, Steven Universe, and How to Train Your Dragon. The Hero’s Journey is the most important—and most used—trope in fiction. It’s basically a catch-all term for the trials, tribulations, and challenges faced by the protagonist. It’s usually a very simple story told in three distinct acts over the course of a […]

The L Word is even worse than I remembered

Content Warning: Mentions of/implied rape, gender dysphoria, and implied transphobia. Of all the characters who get significantly worse on a second viewing, Tina Kinnard from The L Word is maybe the least talked about outside of the show’s general audience. It makes sense: The L Word was aimed at a specific demographic and really only […]

Ouran High School Host Club destroys the gender binary

That’s right. Due to this anime from several years ago, gender is no more. Does anyone outside of certain anime circles even know this show exists? It wasn’t exactly a flash in the pan, but people also aren’t discussing it daily like some of the classics. As a former card-carrying weeb, this show was my […]

Max Caulfield is adorable and I love her

There’s only one thing I love more than talking about Life is Strange: talking about awesome character design and why it matters. Two for one special! I could—no joke—spend several paragraphs just rambling about how the character designs in Life is Strange, Oxenfree, etc. say so much about the characters themselves and how the artists […]

Hulu wins the streaming wars

I know, I know. Commercials??? Fuck this shit. But hear me out: have you seen commercials on actual live boob-tube TV? Trust me, thirty or even two minutes of ads every few minutes is well worth the price of Hulu Basic. It actually helps break up the repetitiveness of the show for binging, but that’s […]

Shane and Ryan are the heroes this generation deserves

Ghost-hunting shows have never really been my thing. While some people go nuts for that sort of thing, the clearly staged and mass-produced crap pumped out by greedy unimaginative network executives doesn’t really have an appeal. It’s all the same, right down to the shitty night vision and over-acting. There are probably some good ones […]

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